Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Socialism Prevailing

In the most Capitalist country in the World, the recent Pew Research paper must have come as quite a shock as it showed that voters under the age of 30 viewed Socialism (49%) more favourably than Capitalism (46%).
The facts seem to be borne out by the popularity of Bernie Sanders who describes himself as a Socialist and talks up his Socialist principles of fairness, cooperation and anti-poverty.
It was John Smith himself, the father of Capitalism, who warned that in his system: 'the new unemployed would either starve, or be driven to seek a subsistence either by begging or by perpetration perhaps of the greatest enormities and want, famine and mortality would immediately prevail'.
It appears that for many young people, modern American capitalism simply isn’t working as the effects of the downturn in 2008 continue today and they see the bank accounts of the top end continue to grow while it empties those at the bottom. 
The IMF and the World Bank are already talking up the next recession while we haven't even escaped the last one so to the majority this is the way Capitalism works, a rolling cycle of growth followed by a devastating collapse every decade.
The far left Jeremy Corben has been voted the leader of the opposition in the UK and Bernie Sanders is being taken very seriously now in America and it could be because the older generation is being depleted and the upcoming generation can see Capitalism for what it is, a corrupt and devastating system that benefits the few and continually dumps the many in the gutter.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Which Mouldy Food Is Safe To Eat?

I have had a long running dispute with the rest of my family that the mouldy bit on cheese can be cut off and the rest eaten because after all cheese is just mould anyway.
There counter-argument is that i don't know what i'm talking about and they wouldn't eat it if i held a gun to their head which would make dinner-time easier but is frowned upon by several of the Child Protection Societies so we all watched the documentary 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor' with interest when the subject turned to 'When is mouldy food still safe to eat'.
The first up was bread which the expert said should be thrown away if it has orange, yellow or black mould spots as these can be more harmful and give you a stomach ache. Fair enough, no mouldy toast for hubby in the morning.
Then it was Jam which we were told is perfectly safe if you scoop off all of the mould and a few centimetres beneath it.
Fruits are safe to eat once you've removed the mould, as their acidity prevents harmful bacteria from growing although apples can be harmful as they can produce a toxin when mouldy.
Mouldy vegetables should be avoided and so should mouldy nuts and seeds as they go off they produce an incredibly dangerous toxin which can build in the liver and cause liver cancer.
Meat is unlikely to go mouldy, but it can grow some nasty bacteria although the mould on dry cured meats or salami is entirely harmless.
Finally we got to the cheese, both hard and soft, with the verdict being it is entirely safe to cut off the
mouldy bits of hard cheese and use the rest. Apparently cheese is so dense that below the surface there isn't enough oxygen to allow the mould to thrive, so it doesn't get very far down.
My jubilation and shouts of 'IN YOUR FACE' to my family members were short lived though as the expert moved onto the soft cheese which can do you real harm if eaten when mouldy and should be thrown away.
So an amicable score draw and an agreement that mouldy SOFT cheese sandwiches won't be making it's way into their lunch boxes anymore although those black banana's that have been in the fruit bowl for a fortnight could well be putting in an appearance.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sorry Is The Hardest Word For US Military

Of course it would be preferable if the USA didn't blow up hospitals and then deny it but the very least they can do, and i mean the very least, is pay compensation to the victims.
The US Department of Defence have confirmed that they will be compensating the families of the 22 victims killed in the deadly American airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last week.
The US President Barack Obama apologised for the bombing, saying that the MSF hospital had been 'mistakenly struck' but prior to that, Washington’s story had gone from 'Hospital? What Hospital?', through 'Taliban were hiding in there' to 'It was the Afghan Governments fault for calling in the US Airforce' until they held up their hands and said 'Sorry, we made an almighty balls-up on our part'.
The Doctors Without Borders International President, Joanne Liu, is quite rightly pushing for further action, claiming: 'it is unacceptable that the bombing of a hospital and the killing of staff and patients can be brushed aside as a mistake' and argues that the incident, in which the American Lockheed AC-130 gunship repeatedly bombed the hospital for more than an hour, could not have been accidental, as the hospital’s coordinates had been regularly shared with the military to prevent just this sort of tragedy from happening and is pushing for the US action to be classified as a war crime.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Look In The Mug For A Psychopath

It is usually quite easy to tell a psychopath by the blood stained overalls but by the every nature that they can be falsely charming and friendly, they can also slip under the radar until you find yourself stuck up on a hook in an abandoned warehouse while a man with a chainsaw walks towards you and kicking yourself for not realising sooner. 
So how can you tell if that work colleague is offering you his stapler out the kindness of his or her heart and not just looking for a reason to return for it later when the office is quiet and lock you in the officer fridge.
Fortunately Austrian scientists have managed to alleviate that little problem by discovering that psychopaths drink black coffee and the stronger the brew, the more psychopathic tendencies the maniac has.
The Innsbruck University tested 1000 people on their food preferences and then asked them to complete four personality tests and the result suggested that 'bitter taste preferences such as Black Coffee are linked to malevolent personality traits'.
So if that colleague with the stapler is clutching a mug of weak tea you should be okay but if it's a black cup of coffee, politely decline and use a paper clip instead.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

World Ending Tomorrow

Not content to make yourself look stupid once when you can do it twice, the eBible Fellowship is now announcing a 'strong likelihood' that the World will end tomorrow on the 7th October.
Some may point out that it was the same people who told us it would end on 21 May 2011 but the God Squad are confident that it has the correct date this time.
According to the new and improved interpretation, the world will be obliterated 'with fire' and 'It’ll be gone forever. Annihilated'.
'God destroyed the first Earth with water, by a flood, in the days of Noah. And he says he’ll not do that again, not by water. But he does say in 2nd Peter 3 that he’ll destroy it by fire' the God botherers say explaining that the 21 May 2011 date was when God turned his attention to deciding who to save, a task that would take him 1,600 days to do which brings us to the 7 October 2015 date.
Showing that the eBible Fellowship did learn something when the World inconveniently refused to expire last time and to avoid appearing completely deranged, they have left themselves a little wiggle room by announcing that: 'There’s a strong likelihood that this will happen which means there’s an unlikely possibility that it will not'.
What they don't explain is will this be in the morning, afternoon or evening. We have tickets for a play tomorrow evening and if it's all going to end before the curtain comes up i will try and get a refund.

What A Mess In Syria

There cant be many more tougher jobs than the air traffic controller over Syria at the moment as Russian, American, Syrian, Turkish and British jets circle the country looking for someone to drop bombs on.
It makes it even tougher because they all seem to be bombing different people with the Turks chasing the Kurds, the Russians the Syrian rebels, the Brits ISIS the Syrians ISIS and Syrian rebels and Americans in that time honoured tradition just blowing up everyone and everything. 
On the ground are Iranians shooting at ISIS, Syrians and Russians taking target at ISIS and US backed Syrian rebels and Turks making military jaunts against US backed Kurds.
On the whole it is a mighty mess and what it all means is that in the congestion it would be a shock if there isn't an incident, already the Russians have overshot and ended up in Turkey before being chased out by Turkish fighter jets.   
Stuck in the middle of all the fighting are the Syrian people who have decided to hightail it out and are turning up at Europe's borders.
To say it is an unpredictable bloody mess sums it up nicely and all the while ISIS carry on blowing up historical landmarks and continuing collecting towns for their caliphate.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pressing The Nuclear Button

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill made many speeches about not surrendering and fighting them on the beaches, especially as he was safely 35 feet underground in a bunker designed to take the best that Adolf and his gang could throw at it.
Popping you head above ground only to tell other people to keep brave while bombs rain down on them when you are the safest person in country may seem a bit incongruous but it does seem the people who are most willing to have a bit of war are the ones who would not be anywhere near the line of fire.
After the Labour Leader, Jeremy Corben, this week said that he could not envision a time when he could actually order a nuclear strike, the Prime Minister has waded in and announced that he would be prepared to use nuclear weapons and warned that the Labour leader risks 'undermining national security'.
The problem with nuclear weapons much more than usual weapons, is that they not only kill leaders or the opposition army, they kill everyone.
Whether the PM is trying to regain his machismo after the oral-sex-from-a-dead-pig fiasco or the revelations coming this week regarding his marriage is unknown but he has puffed out his chest and said that he would prepared to murder millions of innocent civilians to attempt to sway their leaders opinion but just like Churchill and every 'brave' leader who sends other peoples husbands, wives and children off to fight their battles, the PM will press the button while hiding safely in a nuclear bunker making speeches to justify killing millions in the blink of an eye.

Friday, 2 October 2015


The shooting at a college in Oregon, where at least 10 people have been killed, is part of a grim list in modern US history.
As usual Americans will just shrug over these types of things because 'bearing arms is our right' and feel that this level of violence and death is a price worth paying.
Put forward the idea that two adults of the same sex can get married and they become unhinged.
Their children getting killed by maniacs with guns while in school is fine while two people declaring their love for each other sparks much more animosity.
Go figure.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Money Talks

Karl Marx put forward the notion that large corporations would grow so rich that they would not only dominate capitalist society economically but also dominate the political system and therefore satisfying their own interests to the detriment of everyone else. How far off was he?

The government said in December it was considering a new levy in tobacco manufacturers and importers to raise funds to increase NHS Staffing, cut smoking rates, improve productivity and reduce pressure on the National Health Service.
In Treasury documents released today, of the 58 organisations it consulted, 40 backed the proposals including the Royal College of Physicians, Public Heath England, Cancer Research UK, doctors, cancer charities and the Government’s public health experts.
Against the idea was 12 organisations, eight of them tobacco firms or tobacco lobby groups.
The Chancellor, George Osborne, sided with the 12 and rejected his own plan, stating that it would undermine the 'recovery of the UK corporate sector' and the levy 'would simply be passed onto smokers'.
Tax revenue from tobacco in 2012/13 amounted to £12.3 billion for the UK Governments coffers which obviously troubled the Governments mind more than increasing more NHS staff or reducing pressure on the NHS.
Seems Karl was spot on yet again, the people with the money get their way, funny that.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Own Goal

UK impose sanctions on Russia.
British Steel Company SSI goes into liquidation with the loss of 1700 jobs citing a slump in demand for steel in Russia for its problems.   
I think that's called an own goal by the UK Government, must have given Putin a chuckle though.